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Things That Are Good And Or Rock: Botan Candy

In Uncategorized on January 26, 2012 at 9:22 pm

Recently I found myself inside an Asian Market for the first time in a year; I had no intentions of blowing off all of my errands and responsibilities for an impromptu visit to this paradise of Asian delicacies, but hey, sometimes it just happens.

After grabbing what might have been 5 car washes worth of merchandise (and of course, my car is still caked in dirt from a bonfire that took place several weeks ago, but hey, a vehicle can stand to have some character), I noticed something wonderful and colorful by the register: boxes and boxes of botan candy. Unable to resist the lure of nostalgia (a dangerous lure, I admit), I shelled out my 99 cents.

‘What is this botan candy?’ you might ask. Oh, I don’t know. Only the COOLEST CANDY EVER. Not that it’s the tastiest or the healthiest, it’s just the coolest. They’re these chewy, little, pink things wrapped over twice– once in plastic, and once in rice paper. When you offer them to friends you get the best reactions, because most of the time your friends won’t believe that they can eat the rice paper, and wonder for a few moments if they can melt it with their eyes  (this way they can say, ‘Hey, crazy! Did you just see that?! Guess I’ll just have to eat the candy part of your weird, foreign poison!’). They end up looking stupid and you look generous. Successful interaction? Yep.

And while you’re at the Asian market, you might as well look around (especially if the ethnic aisle in your local grocery store sucks). A lot of times vegetables are as cheap as they would be at Wal-Mart and are also edible, which is unusual. Also, sesame seed oil, rooster sauce, and canned lychees are irresistible Asian Market goods suddenly within your reach. If none of this is enough to get you to your local Asian Market, Botan candies come with strange little stickers: