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I’m In Love With Lana Del Rey

In Uncategorized on February 20, 2012 at 2:03 am

I recently (a few weeks ago; I’m a slow blogger) bought Lana Del Rey’s album, instead of downloading it, when it first came out, because she’s an artist that I believe in and I wanted her to have a good debut week for the charts.  Unlike me though, a lot of people seem to have some sort of beef with Lana Del Rey.

File:LanaDelRey BornToDie.jpg

Pretty much every bad thing I’ve read about her has to do with the fact that she changed her name and appearance and musical style to develop this ‘Lana Del Rey’ persona.  I’m not sure why this is such an issue with people; she’s one of the most interesting personas in Pop music since Lady Gaga (who also changed her name, appearance and musical style).  Maybe it’s the fact that she’s catering to a more alternative crowd than Lady Gaga and alternative is supposed to be more legitimate than pop? If that’s your thought pattern you’re mistaken.  Or maybe it’s just that she seems ‘fake?’

For me, the fact that she seems to be putting on a front, that she seems uncomfortably poised, reserved and cold; that she seems ‘fake’ is what’s interesting about Lana Del Rey. It gives her some mystery, and in general it’s interesting to have someone in the pop music industry who seems to be thinking about what they’re doing or saying. But if you have doubts, just listen to the album, I promise there’s nothing fake about it.

The album itself has an amazing combination of vocal samples, and melancholy strings which work amazingly with Lana’s sultry voice.  The album taps into some nice modern Mid-Western/Southern themes, and is filled with this longing for an older time.  The lyrics themselves are great, and Lana herself says she’s a writer before she’s a singer and it shows. There are some songs that aren’t as great (Dark Paradise is a tedious song to sit through), and it’s not too upbeat which causes the album as a whole to lag, especially near the end but it really is an album worth having in your collection and is a great slection of tracks.

Standout Tracks:

 Born to Die
This is a really great track on the album with a smart, chic music video.  The sampling in this song really makes for an interesting musical landscape, especially paired with the symphonic strings that open the song. This song is the perfect opener for the album.

Off to the Races

The lyrics on this track are probably the best on the album (Video Games gives it a run for its money).  The scenery is so tangible and it’s one of the more upbeat tracks on the album.  I would really hope this one becomes a single; it showcases Lana Del Rey’s amazing writing skills, and it shows a different side of her that I think audiences would respond well to.

Video Games

Don’t need to say much about this song; it’s amazing and I think almost everyone can relate to it if not the idea of it.  The video is great as well (just don’t expect the same production values as the video for ‘Born to Die’) and I was surprised to learn that Del Rey made the video herself.

National Anthem and Radio are definitely also worth listening to.  Both are great tracks that really embody the strings/samples/vocals mixture that Lana Del Rey has crafted on this album.


I’m still listening to the album everytime I get into my car, and I’ve yet to get tired of it.  After a few listens even the slower songs like Dark Paradise and Summertime Sadness become more bearable, and I’ve started to really appreciate their place on the album.  I’m really excited to see what Lana Del Rey does next and where she goes from here.


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